How to Market to Latinos on Pinterest. Step 2: Understanding User's Intent. A guide to successfully market to Latinos on Pinterest. Don't miss out!

How To Successfully Market to Latinos on Pinterest

If you are interested in discovering how to market to Latinos…
07/06/2016/by Havi Goffan
Powerful Latinas speak up: Havi Goffan

#WeAreNotInvisible or The Impact of the “Latinas Poderosas” Award

7 women have just received the Latinas Poderosas 2016 Award by…
04/04/2016/by Havi Goffan
Reasons why your SMS marketing campaign could be a failure

When SMS Marketing Campaigns Send You Running for Cover

Are you considering purchasing lists for your SMS Marketing…
01/13/2016/by Havi Goffan
How to deal with duplicate content right now

What You Don’t Know About Duplicate Content Can Kill You

All of us create and duplicate our own content unintentionally.…
09/16/2015/by Havi Goffan
Why Your Hispanic Content Marketing Strategy is Not Working

Why Your Hispanic Content Marketing Strategy is Not Working

You are investing in a Hispanic content marketing strategy and…
07/21/2015/by Havi Goffan
Snapchat Marketing to Reach a Young Hispanic Audience

Snapchat Marketing: Reach a Young Hispanic Audience

Snapchat marketing can help you reach the Hispanic 13-25 year…
06/09/2015/by Havi Goffan
5 international SEO tips you can steal by Target Latino

5 International SEO Tips You Can Steal – ISEO

SEO can get a little confusing.  After all, there’s SEO, local…
05/05/2015/by Havi Goffan
Roundhouse Mini Cooper London guerilla marketing ads

9 MINI Cooper’s Ambient and Guerilla Marketing Ads

BMW MINI Cooper advertisements always hit a chord. Enjoy these…
03/25/2015/by Target Latino
Culture Code for Money - The Insider’s Guide

Culture Code for Money: The Insider’s Guide

Hispanics represent over $1 trillion in household disposable…
02/23/2015/by Havi Goffan

6 essential Pinterest SEO tips to develop natural backlinks to your site

Read these 6 essential tips for Pinterest SEO to develop more…
01/13/2015/by Havi Goffan
30% of Pinners prefers to be on Pinterest rather than watch TV

17 Pinterest Statistics For Business You Need To Know

Still haven’t made up your mind about being on Pinterest or…
12/12/2014/by Havi Goffan
What Everybody Ought to Know About the Latino Market

What Everybody Ought to Know About the Latino Market

Companies all over the world are becoming more aware of the…
11/19/2014/by Target Latino
What is inbound marketing and why should I care? #SEO #Google

What is inbound marketing and why should you care?

So what is Inbound Marketing exactly? Inbound Marketing is marketing…
11/12/2014/by Target Latino
snickers print halloween ad

Best Halloween Ads: Trick or Treat?

A collection of the best Halloween ads I have had the privilege…
10/27/2014/by Havi Goffan
What makes for an effective Pinterest strategy

Effective Pinterest Strategy: the Whole Foods Success Story

What makes for an effective Pinterest strategy? How to take advantage…
10/20/2014/by Havi Goffan
Reverse Showrooming: how to leverage the power of Pinterest

Reverse Showrooming to the Power of Pinterest

41% of customers do reverse show rooming. Read on to find out how…
09/24/2014/by Havi Goffan
Website Optimization and its effect on offline marketing

Website Optimization and its effect on offline marketing

Do marketers consider website optimization or SEO efforts when…
09/22/2014/by Havi Goffan
Ralph Lauren 4D projection mapping

4D Projection Mapping Campaigns See It To Believe It

4D projection mapping is one of the most incredible display technologies…
08/19/2014/by Target Latino
peugeot pinterest competition

Pinterest competition wants you to solve this Peugeot puzzle

Pinterest competition from Peugeot
Pinterest is the new kid…
07/24/2014/by Havi Goffan
A surefire way to discover your best times to post to pinterest

Discover Your Brand’s Best Times to Post to Pinterest

I don't believe there are standardized best times to post to Pinterest and.…
06/24/2014/by Havi Goffan
Gatorade World Cup 2014 Ad

5 Awesome 2014 Soccer World Cup Ads

Isn't it funny that now we all focus on the 2014 soccer World…
06/17/2014/by Havi Goffan
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