A surefire way to discover your best times to post to pinterest

Discover Your Brand’s Best Times to Post to Pinterest

I don’t believe there are standardized best times to post to Pinterest and. as a matter of fact, I am of the belief that the same applies to all social networks. But here’s how to identify YOUR best times to post to Pinterest.

Many blogs and articles on the web make mention of the best times to post to Pinterest. What do they truly mean?


Best times to Post to Pinterest Standardized

A best time to post usually refers to a peak time, meaning that time when the most people are logged into a social network. Of course, this peak happens not because people with all kinds of interests decide to use a social platform all in synch but because the majority of the platform users of any social network tend to be lean towards similar interests and/or activities. Therefore, human beings that we are, we tend to perform those at about the same times: after work, maybe on the lunchtime break, etc.

Which is why, research on the subject usually shows that the best times for Pinterest are on Saturday mornings and late weekday evenings between 8pm – 1am EST. So it is a good idea to set your pins to go out during these peak periods.

Why may these times not be applicable to my brand?

There are 3 main reasons:

  1. Not every industry or content is viewed by the same audience
  2. Not all the industry audiences access Pinterest at the same times
  3. We all live in different time zones and therefore, what is Friday afternoon for me may not be for you, my dear reader

We may want to Pin a very Pinnable category such as Food and Recipes on Saturday morning but our audience does not share our time zone and our pins do not get the traction we desire.

What are the best times to post to Pinterest then?

Based on this, there are a few ways to identify your best times to post to Pinterest without resorting to expensive measuring tools (but if you were using them, you may not be reading this post) and here is the easiest one.

  • Discover your fans active times by checking out your logs on Pinterest.
  • Track them for over a month period (two is even better)
  • Notice the times when people repin, like and/or comment on your content and add them to a spreadsheet.
  • By the end of the time period, chart the numbers on a graph.
  • Be amazed at the discovery!
  • Feel free to perform this analysis by type of content shared.

It implies a bit of analysis to identify your best times to post to Pinterest but think of the effort you will save and the consequent increased results if you know exactly when to post.

Now, what have you discovered regarding Pinterest posting times?

Best Times To Post To Pinterest in Mexico - Standardized

Best Times To Post To Pinterest in Mexico – Standardized

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