Gatorade World Cup 2014 Ad

5 Awesome 2014 Soccer World Cup Ads

Isn’t it funny that now we all focus on the 2014 soccer World Cup Ads? Didn’t it used to be an almost exclusive event surrounding the Super Bowl? As the U.S. gets more involved with soccer, the larger the U.S. audience and the higher the number of advertisers wanting to capture their attention.

Because of it and because soccer or fútbol is so embedded into the Hispanic culture, I have selected 5 awesome 2014 Soccer World Cup ads to share with you. Well, there’s more but wanted to save some for my next post. 😉

For one month let's all be fútbol fans.

For one month let’s all be fútbol fans.

Gatorade: #1 of the 2014 Soccer World Cup Ads

I have seen Boca Juniors players, one of the two most famous fútbol clubs in Argentina,  preparing for the games and they actually do these exercises. Watching Lionel Messi, David Luiz and Sergio Ramos’ movements orchestrated against a bit of Disney magic from Cinderella when she is getting ready for the ball was truly outstanding. Talk about parallelism.

The hashtag #WinFromWithin could not know be more fitting for Gatorade. The perfect product placement through the ad allows you to truly notice the brand. Great work from their agency, Tracylocke.

Hyundai: #2 of the Brazil Soccer World Cup Ads

A campaign that promotes that fans meet each other and celebrate their passion for football. A flood of expectant mothers arrive to a hospital to deliver their babies all in the same night, 9 months after Spain wins the World Cup.
The Hyundai campaign has a great social media tie in with #BecauseFootball. Thank you, Innocean USA.

KIA: #3 of the Soccer World Cup Ads

Kia motors and its agency David & Goliath bring us Adriana Lima and this great campaign that seems it will continue showing us more reasons why “For one month let’s all be fútbol fans”. The Brazilian model, actress and a Victoria Secret angel definitely has the power to convince all american football fans to call it fútbol for one month!

Unfortunately, I cannot share the campaign with you as they do not allow re-sharing of their ads. It does get them more exposure to their brand and great endorsement. So, one cannot but wonder, what is wrong with KIA?

Thumbs down to KIA.

McDonald’s: #4 of the Brazil 2014 Soccer World Cup Ads

“House Divided” depicts the similarities between a mexican father and his U.S. born son in spite of their football rivalry. The father, of course, cheers for Mexico while the son feels a bit torn between Mexico and the USA.

The ad plays on the duality that most Hispanic millennials feel when their teams play each other. But, in the end, father and son agree on one thing: they’re both happy to travel to Brazil when they both win the price from McDonald’s.

Terrific campaign from Alma.

Jaguar: #5 of the 2014 Soccer World Cup Ads

Jaguar seems to be getting more into advertising at big sports event. The first one was at the last SuperBowl and it featured villains as well.

In “Striker”, Jozy Altidore is the soccer ball thief of the World Cup. Hilarious, fresh and the villains continue driving Jaguars!! 🙂


Messi World Cup 2014 Gatorade ad

Messi World Cup 2014 Gatorade ad

Last but not least, I wanted to share this introduction from the social network that is IMHO the most Soccer World Cup friendly of them all: Twitter!

Keep tuned! I will feature more soccer World Cup Ads soon!!

Gatorade World Cup 2014 Ad
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  1. Sincha10
    Sincha10 says:

    I am most impressed by the way that almost all the advertising is seizing on the use of the word “futbol”. There’s always been the argument about the US calling the game by the same name as the rest of world, and it’s nice to see that being used in a positive/humorous fashion rather than “that’s not football, this is football”. I, for one, would love it if the game became known as futbol among the US public. The word soccer has long been used almost as a pejorative.

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