Pinterest Guided Search multilingual

Pinterest Guided Search keeps taunting Google Search

Pinterest Guided Search is just one more step towards becoming “the” Search Engine for the visual discovery engine. Custom categories announcement and our analysis of its impact on multicultural markets. Pinterest, the visual discovery engine, that currently hosts 750 million boards with 30 billion pins, released one additional feature: the Pinterest Guided Search. Not that you […]

Pinterest Search by Interests, a Google contender?

Pinterest Search by Interests, a Google contender?

Pinterest is rolling out “Interests”, a new type of Pinterest search. How does it work and what does it mean to your brand? What search algorithm is used? by Havi Goffan Pinterest keeps taking steps to becoming the next Search Engine and a very strong Google contender. By rolling out “Interests”, a new type of Pinterest […]

globalization of Pinterest

The globalization of Pinterest begins with Mobile

Pinterest has been taking over the world, Pinky! And rightfully so. People from all countries and all languages are pinning on this platform at a tremendously growing rate. A noticeable globalization of Pinterest begun a couple years ago, when comScore started reporting figures of Pinterest penetration and growth worldwide. Globalization of Pinterest: A more mobile […]

Social Media Alerts and Notifications

Social Media Alerts for Manufacturing Defects Delivers Results

If something goes wrong with your car, you’ll probably text your family first, Facebook your friends, Instagram a snapshot of your disaster, and tweet a general complaint to the rest of the world. Then you’ll get the car fixed. Probably the last thing you would do is go to the manufacturer’s Web site and fill […]

Have a Social Media Crisis Plan

The 36 Rules of Social Media

Here is a compilation of the 36 Rules of Social Media from key social media gurus and marketers from all industries. It was put together by Fast Company and it illustrates some of the best practices to going about your social media strategy and execution. Even though some of these are not meant to be written in stone and […]

social media and buzz influence a latina study

Latinas, Social Media and Buzz influence

How much do you know about Latinas online habits? This Social Media and Buzz study unveils key purchase + influence patterns to marketing success. 63% of the women interviewed use Orkut, Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks to search for information before purchasing a product or service. Books, magazines and electronics are the categories consulted […]

Pinterest feed in Social Genome

Semantic Search Engine Polaris uses Pinterest Data

A semantic search engine named “Polaris” powers, as well as the company’s mobile web and mobile apps, and it has a 10%-15% increased likelihood that a customer will complete their purchase. Walmart has struggled in the past to compete against when it comes to Internet sales. But this giant is serious about e-commerce and m-commerce. The semantic […]

Social with Hispanics

Sears Goes Social with Hispanics

Sears recently announced several social media efforts aimed at the Hispanic market, including new Facebook and Twitter programs. (It already has three separate Hispanic Web sites, including SearsPR, launched last year, which ships merchandise only to the island of Puerto Rico.) Marketing Daily caught up with Oscar H. Castro, director/general manager of international e-commerce, for […]

Social Media Campaign for Travel and Tourism Industry

Social Media Campaign for Travel and Tourism Industry

Facebook is not always the solution when planning or executing a Social Media campaign, especially when the industry is Travel and Tourism. TripAdvisor, the New York Times Travel section,, TripSay, ThornTree, and many other Social Media sites would be a more suitable choice. 50 million reviews and opinions on TripAdvisor, the world’s largest Travel […]