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Smart Apps Usage in Smart Marketing Campaigns

Innovation comes in many forms and sometimes it comes in the form of smart apps. And when these smart apps are able to deliver loyalty, customer satisfaction, brand awareness and increased revenues, we have a winning combo. Smart Marketing Campaign Evian is now selling its product direct to consumers with an online delivery service. This […]

We Decide: Latinos and the 2012 Election

nuvoTV usually plays to stereotypical Latino themes on its programing but this time they are appealing to a broader base of viewers. Bravo nuvoTV for this that promises to be a very successful program around Latinos and the 2012 election. Let’s hope it becomes regular programming! nuvoTV will air a groundbreaking town hall-style television special, We […]

Selling online from North America to Latin America

A grow­ing number of U.S. online retailers and consumer brand manufacturers are taking that challenge on by setting up shop and selling online in Latin America. It wasn’t quite the same as graduating from the e-commerce school of hard knocks, but after six years of trial and error Tradercom USA Inc. has learned some valuable […]

Hispanic Millennials require New Marketing Strategies

Hispanic Millennials by the numbers. What are they like and how do they differ from other Hispanics or other Gen Yrs? Read on. (The Hispanic Millennials require New Marketing Strategies article has been updated on 2015) Latinos will account for more than 80% of the growth in the population of 18- to 29-year-olds over the next few […]

Latinas, Social Media and Buzz influence

How much do you know about Latinas online habits? This Social Media and Buzz study unveils key purchase + influence patterns to marketing success. 63% of the women interviewed use Orkut, Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks to search for information before purchasing a product or service. Books, magazines and electronics are the categories consulted […]