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Pinterest Guided Search keeps taunting Google Search

Pinterest Guided Search is just one more step towards becoming “the” Search Engine for the visual discovery engine. Custom categories announcement and our analysis of its impact on multicultural markets. Pinterest, the visual discovery engine, that currently hosts 750 million boards with 30 billion pins, released one additional feature: the Pinterest Guided Search. Not that you […]

Pinterest Search by Interests, a Google contender?

Pinterest is rolling out “Interests”, a new type of Pinterest search. How does it work and what does it mean to your brand? What search algorithm is used? by Havi Goffan Pinterest keeps taking steps to becoming the next Search Engine and a very strong Google contender. By rolling out “Interests”, a new type of Pinterest […]

The globalization of Pinterest begins with Mobile

Pinterest has been taking over the world, Pinky! And rightfully so. People from all countries and all languages are pinning on this platform at a tremendously growing rate. A noticeable globalization of Pinterest begun a couple years ago, when comScore started reporting figures of Pinterest penetration and growth worldwide. Globalization of Pinterest: A more mobile […]

K-Mart Advertising Campaign “Show Your Joe”?

I return from speaking at #EngageMexico and become speechless when I see the mild-mannered retailer, K-Mart’s advertising campaign “Show Your Joe”. I absolutely applaud it. After watching one too many advertising campaigns featuring women in undies, this campaign is fresh, adorable and cute. The K-Mart advertising campaign “Show Your Joe” definitely caught my eye. Tremendous […]

Interactive Marketing campaigns increase Brand Experience Engagement

Interactive marketing campaigns work to initiate a relationship between a customer and a brand, which keeps him or her coming back (hopefully) over and over again. In the article ‘The New Value Equation’, consultants Richard Cross and Janet Smith state that when interactivity involves some kind of incentive, the customer usually visits more often, stays for a longer […]