Most Popular Searches for September Yahoo! En Espanol

Popular Searches for September

Yahoo! En Espanol today announced it’s most popular Searches on Yahoo! Pop for the month ending September 30 ( Yahoo! Pop allows users to access the site and stay in touch with what’s hot and use it as a resource to search for and spot trends. Information on Yahoo! Pop is available and searchable by day, month and category.

The Most Popular Searches for September in Yahoo! Pop include:

Top 10 Overall Searches:
1. Twin Towers
2. Tsunami
3. Sandra Bullock
4. Vida Guerra
5. Qualifiers 2010
6. Olga Tanon
7. Whitney Houston
8. Perez Hilton
9. Gaby Espino
10. Megan Fox

Tragedies, present and past, captured the interest of Yahoo! En Espanol users this month. The eighth anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks in New York City no doubt propelled users to look for stories and information on the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers. The catastrophic tsunami that struck Samoa on September 29 following an 8.0 magnitude earthquake also topped the list at No. 2; the event left a confirmed 143 people dead and six missing in Samoa.

Yahoo! En Espanol users also searched for info on Sandra Bullock, star of the movie “All About Steve” that opened in September with mixed reviews. The actress, who plays a crossword puzzle constructor, also produced the film.

Propelled by controversy, singers Olga Tanon and Whitney Houston also topped the list. Tanon participated in the criticized Peace Without Borders Concert, held in Havana last month. Houston, interviewed by Oprah, brought to light very private aspects of her drug use and violent marriage. Cuban-American blogger Perez Hilton made headlines after having falsely reported that Jaclyn Smith had committed suicide in Honduras. Venezuelan soap opera star Gaby Espino and Hollywood actress Megan Fox also topped the list.

In addition to the most popular overall topics, Yahoo! Pop also reveals the Top Ten Searches in six other categories: entertainment, music, technology, celebrities, news and sports. During the month of September, the qualifier soccer matches for the World Cup were the number one search in the sports category, attracting the imagination of the fans, who will passionately follow their country’s teams all the way to South Africa next summer. Olga Tanon was No. 1 in the music category and Sandra Bullock topped the Entertainment category.

Updated daily, Yahoo! Pop search results showcase the diverse interests and concerns of U.S. Hispanics around the net, from gorgeous celebrity sightings and salacious political news to funny jokes and the latest consumer obsessions. To come up with the Yahoo! Pop Top 10 list, Yahoo! created a unique algorithm which scans anonymous query logs from Yahoo! Search across a variety of categories to see what themes and trends bubble up to the surface. Individual searches are never used to develop these lists. Every day millions of people visit Yahoo! to search for news, hobbies, curiosities and all types of information. By putting all of the searches together, the site displays the topics that are of most interest to people. To view the most popular searches of the day, click on ‘Pop’ on the Yahoo! En Espanol front page or visit:

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Historias records the stories of Latinos in America

WASHINGTON — When U.S. Rep. Charlie Gonzalez sits down to share his experiences for Historias, an initiative unveiled Thursday to record the stories of Latinos in America, the San Antonio Democrat is going to compare how he, his father — the legendary late Rep. Henry B. Gonzalez — and his grandparents assimilated in America.

When the younger Gonzalez’s grandparents emigrated from Mexico around 1910, they initially planned on returning, he said at the debut of Historias, a project of StoryCorps, a nonprofit oral history group that records stories of everyday Americans.

“I want to talk about how my father sought that more complete assimilation and the obstacles he had to face and his generation’s contribution to allowing me to do what I do today,” Gonzalez said.

StoryCorps officially launched Historias, which will be archived at the Library of Congress, at a ceremony that featured talks by, among others, House members of Latino descent.

Speakers praised the project and StoryCorps’ past efforts, saying that the stories of everyday people preserve the American experience and that the new initiative offers the often-ignored Latino community a chance to participate.

“We believe that much of what we have contributed and what we continue to contribute — if it is found in whatever history, oral or otherwise — is a footnote,” Gonzalez said. “I think this goes a long way to remedy that situation.”

Rep. Xavier Becerra, D-Calif., spoke about how two recent projects on World War II — Ken Burns’ documentary “The War” and Tom Brokaw’s book “The Greatest Generation” — did not include much about Latinos, a trend that Becerra has noticed since he was young.

“I think Historias does something very important for us: It tells us who we are,” Becerra said.

Rep. Jose Serrano, D-N.Y., spoke of how his immigrant father responded to a friend’s comment that he was lucky to have successful children.

“My father, in the most wonderful broken English, said, ‘I busted my back to get lucky,’” Serrano said.

It is necessary to gather the stories of as many everyday Latinos as possible, Gonzalez said.

“An untold history makes for an incomplete history and thus an incomplete lesson,” he said.

“It’s a lesson for all of us, for those who have been here for many years to appreciate the contribution made by others, but also for the new arrivals because there will always be new arrivals in this country,” Gonzalez said after the event. “I think it’s going to be a source of inspiration, and lessons will be learned that will benefit all Americans.”

Recordings for Historias will take place in more than 20 cities across America during the next year.

The project will record oral histories in Texas, starting with Austin and Houston in November, Brownsville in May and San Antonio in June.

Those interested in participating in the project can call StoryCorps at (800) 850-4406.

By Drew Joseph – Hearst Newspapers

Pizza Patron, Pepsi Celebrate Hispanic Heritage

Pizza Patron announced that it has teamed with Pepsi in a national, co-branded promotion in all of its stores to honor National Hispanic Heritage Month.

Pizza Patron, Pepsi Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Pizza Patron, Pepsi Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

The promotion began September 1 and was specifically designed to celebrate and honor the Latin culture and lifestyle during Hispanic Heritage Month. It is a bilingual promotion, but Spanish-language dominant. Advertisements for the promotion read, “!Viva Latino! Pizza Patron y Pepsi Festejan el Mes Patrio,” which means, “Pizza Patron and Pepsi celebrate this historic, patriotic month for all Latinos of diverse roots.”

With any 2-liter purchase of Pepsi products through September 30, customers will receive a free phone egrip Non-Slip Strip. The egrip is a protective, silicone material that can be applied to the back of a cell phone to make it easier to handle and prevent it from sliding on any surface.

The free egrip features the Pizza Patron and Pepsi logos, as well as Pizza Patron’s slogan, “Latin Life, Enjoy,” which reinforces the company’s focus while broadening its current customer base by inviting every demographic to enjoy and experience the diversity found within the Latin lifestyle.

Cobranded Campaign for Hispanic Heritage Month between Pizza Patron and Pepsi

Cobranded Campaign for Hispanic Heritage Month between Pizza Patron and Pepsi

“Celebrating the rich history and traditions found within the Latin life and culture is what makes our brand strong,” says Andrew Gamm, brand director for Pizza Patron. “National Hispanic Heritage Month is a chance for us to honor the Latin culture which goes to the core of our company’s values.”

Source: QSR Magazine

Latino Nutrition Month Oldways Releases Latino Health Tool Kit

Target Latino thanks the Latino Nutrition Coalition and Oldways for allowing us to publish this important information for dissemination within our community. Let’s hope that we all work together for the betterment of our nutrition and that of our children.


BOSTON, September 15, 2009 – In celebration of Latino Nutrition Month from September 15 through October 15, Oldways and the Latino Nutrition Coalition (LNC) have released Latino Living – A Guide to Better Health Through Traditional Food and Active Lifestyles – for both consumers and health professionals.

“Latino Living was originally designed for health professionals and dietitians, but it is so user friendly and simple that it’s perfect for consumers from coast to coast,” said Sara Baer-Sinnott, Executive Vice President of Oldways.

Latin Diet Pyramid - Copyright 2009 Oldways Preservation & Exchange Trust -

Latin Diet Pyramid – Copyright 2009 Oldways Preservation & Exchange Trust –

For Consumers, the kit offers:

  • A 7-day Healthy Latino Meal Plan, with recipes and grocery list.
  • A bilingual Latino Lifestyle Calendar, featuring a tip-a-day for following the healthy Latin American diet.
  • New, illustrated, bilingual Latin American Diet Pyramid, with basic guidelines to help plan daily meals.

The following in both English and Spanish:

  • A list of Latin American super foods
  • Kitchen Strategies: time savers and smart swaps
  • Tip for Kids: cooking, lunches and snacks
  • Tips on how to exercise with your family

For Health Professionals and RDs, the kit offers:

  • All of the above, PLUS
  • Statistics concerning obesity, nutrition, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and cancer rates occurring in the Latino American population.
  • A detailed explanation of the Latin American Diet Pyramid, along with basic guidelines that help plan daily meals.
  • Weekly Goal Tracking and 24-Hour Recall Sheets.

Consumers, health professionals and RDs can request this free resource (on CD-Rom or online) by emailing or calling Adriene Worthington (, 617-896-4876.

Coinciding with National Hispanic Heritage Month, Latino Nutrition Month will introduce consumers to a variety of ways to cook, eat and enjoy the Latino diet pattern. The introduction of an updated Latin American Diet Pyramid will stress the importance of putting plant foods such as fruits, veggies, grains (mostly whole), nuts and peanuts, beans and spices at the core of one’s diet. Additionally, consumers can enter Oldways/LNC’s Latin American Diet Recipe Contest (see below) to win a variety of prizes.

See what else is happening during Latino Nutrition Month on the Oldways and LNC websites. These programs include:
1. An updated Camino Mágico, a downloadable, bi-lingual supermarket shopping guide to help Latino shoppers make healthy choices among the endless food options available at supermarkets today.

2. Latin American Diet Recipe Contest featured on the Oldways and LNC websites and on the Official Oldways Table Blog. Consumers should submit a recipe that uses at least two Latin American Diet products (list is featured on the Oldways Table Blog).  Winners will be drawn at the end of the month, and announced on our websites.  Prizes include wonderful Latino food products, autographed copies of our widely-praised book, The Oldways Table, chock-full of wonderful recipes and short essays about food and wine experiences, and the new poster of the Latin American Diet Pyramid.

3. A 2′ X 3′ poster with an updated illustration of the Latin American Diet Pyramid will be available at The Oldways Store on September 21, 2009.


Find Oldways on Twitter – OldwaysPT

Find the LNC on Twitter – LatinoNutrition

Oldways on Facebook – Become a Fan!

The Official Oldways Blog – The Oldways Table

About Oldways and the Latino Nutrition Coalition

Oldways is an internationally-respected non-profit, changing the way people eat through practical and positive programs grounded in science, traditions, and delicious foods and drinks.  The Latino Nutrition Coalition is an Oldways program inspiring Latinos to improve and maintain their health through traditional foods and active lifestyles. LNC members include: General Mills; Herdez; Splenda; La Moderna; Mission Foods; National Watermelon Promotion Board; The Peanut Institute; Soyfoods Association of North America; Splenda  Sweetener Products; United States Potato Board; and Wisconsin Milk  Marketing Board.  You can learn more at and

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Latino: the New Guru of Success and Personal Achievement in the US

It is inevitable that in a nation such as the United States — which has the third largest Hispanic population in the world — many Latino writers and artists whose Spanish-language works have been successful would sooner or later make the crossover into the English-speaking market. Artists such as Shakira and Enrique Iglesias, and writers like Isabel Allende and Don Miguel Ruiz, are proof that the books and music that have captivated millions of Spanish speakers can just as easily attract an English-speaking audience.

This is what led Dr. Camilo Cruz to translate his most famous work La Vaca into English. “Many of those who have read my books in Spanish want their spouse or children who do not read Spanish to enjoy the teachings of this fantastic story,” said Dr. Cruz.

Coinciding with the celebration of Hispanic Heritage month, the book has been released this September with the title ONCE UPON A COW: Eliminating Excuses and Settling for Nothing but Success. The publisher Penguin Books is one of the largest in the world, with a list of authors that includes personalities such Al Gore, the Dalai Lama, Lance Armstrong, and Eckhart Tolle.

The success of Camilo Cruz’ books is unquestionable. His readers can be found in more than 115 countries, evidence of the far-reaching message of the Colombian author. Twenty publishers from all over the world have translated the book into more than a dozen languages, with close to two million copies sold.

A nation built by immigrants will undoubtedly welcome this Latin writer who came to the United States without knowing a word of English and with no other credentials other than a high-school diploma, 200 dollars, and a bag full of dreams; an entrepreneur who came in search of his American Dream, found it, and now shares with others how we can free ourselves of the excuses and self-imposed limitations that prevent us from succeeding, even in hard economic times such as the ones we now face.

However, these times, which have also witnessed the first African American president in the history of the nation and the first Hispanic member of the Supreme Court, are certainly the best opportunity for the introduction of this Latino author to the English-speaking market.

Source: Taller de Exito