K-Mart Advertising Campaign “Show Your Joe”?

Advertising campaign K-Mart

Advertising campaign K-Mart

I return from speaking at #EngageMexico and become speechless when I see the mild-mannered retailer, K-Mart’s advertising campaign “Show Your Joe”. I absolutely applaud it. After watching one too many advertising campaigns featuring women in undies, this campaign is fresh, adorable and cute.

The K-Mart advertising campaign “Show Your Joe” definitely caught my eye. Tremendous viral power by pushing the boundaries of our cultural mores in humor. Something I actually spoke about at this conference. What makes something humorous for some and not for others? Zabalbeascoa states that “The principle of incongruence in humor is universal. One always laughs at the unexpected. It is always about breaking with the taboo, be it sex, religion or politics. This is common to all cultures and the mechanism is always the same. What is not shared by all cultures is the limit of what can (or is allowed) to be transgressed.”

Advertising campaign "Show your Joe"

Advertising campaign “Show your Joe”

This advertising campaign has reached more than 7 million hits on YouTube. But the advocacy group One Million Moms has launched a social media campaign to pull the ad from TV, denouncing it as “disgusting,” “inappropriate” and “filth” that should not be seen by families gathering to watch TV. Furthermore, the group accuses Kmart of making “a deliberate decision to produce controversial advertisements instead of wholesome ones. This is a terrible plan on Kmart’s part, especially at this time of year!”

Watch the commercial and judge for yourself. Do you really think it’s controversial?

Brand new news for the 2014 Holiday Season!! Kmart is back with Joe Boxer!!!! Absolutely adore this campaign! Now complete with game and social media. Go ahead! Try it!!

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culture quote




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Note: The commercials depicted are intellectual property of the brand, there is no intent of copyright infringement.

Interactive Marketing campaigns increase Brand Experience Engagement

Interactive marketing campaigns work to initiate a relationship between a customer and a brand, which keeps him or her coming back (hopefully) over and over again. In the article ‘The New Value Equation’, consultants Richard Cross and Janet Smith state that when interactivity involves some kind of incentive, the customer usually visits more often, stays for a longer period of time and might even be willing to pay more for the product or service. “The customer gets more out of every transaction, and whatever bond they have developed with your firm is strengthened.”

Increasing this level of customer engagement demands more than a colorful sign, a witty tagline or a funny commercial—it’s about interactive marketing strategies, promotions and campaigns that capture customer attention and reward them for such interaction.

Interactive marketing campaigns

Interactive marketing campaigns can be executed online or offline; either way, they’re pretty effective. Consider the Skittles ‘Touch’ campaign, which comprised video spots encouraging viewers to put their fingertips on their video or computer screens to interact with the ad—for instance, to have their fingers licked by a cat. The campaign received over 9 million online views and helped the brand reach double-digit profit and market share growth in 2011.

Skittles Touch the Rainbow interactive marketing campaign

Skittles Touch the Rainbow interactive marketing campaign

According to a study from Forrester Research, spending on interactive marketing campaigns will reach $55 billion in 2014 to represent 21 percent of all marketing expenditures.

Here are some other examples of great interactive marketing campaigns.

Intel “Ultrabook Pop-up Theatre” an offline interactive marketing campaign in Los Angeles

Intel Asia Pacific creates flash mob art and theatre using Ultrabook PC screens. Party, Tokyo choreographed 60 people with Ultrabooks synched together via wi-fi to create ‘digital billboards’ in a variety of different locations across L.A. It really is a magnificent interactive campaign that surprises and engages the audience.

What do you think – have flash mobs become a tired trend or is there still room for innovation? There’s also the question as to how staged the public involvement and reactions are – after all – that is a big part of the novelty.

McDonald’s interactive marketing billboard campaign

So this would definitely cause me to be late for work each morning. On their digital outdoor billboard, McDonald’s flashes images of food and challenges passersby to capture a picture with their cell phone camera. Then the new customer can walk a block over to the store and claim a free- sundae, pie, or cup of coffee. Game on!

Ford Interactive Marketing Campaign

As a way to introduce their new Grand C-MAX, Ford’s campaign enabled people to “feel the difference” with innovation in their hands. The interactive ad allowed them “to handle and explore miniaturized 3D virtual models of the cars on the screen and in the palm of their hand.” It’s a lot easier than going to a dealership and taking it out for a test drive- and a lot more fun.

pepsi social vending machine

pepsi social vending machine

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Thought of the Day

An ideal culture is one in which there is a place for every human gift - Margaret Mead

An ideal culture is one in which there is a place for every human gift – Margaret Mead

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Pepsi Launches Bilingual Advertising Campaign with William Levy

Following their innovative style of advertising and latest trend of parodies and incorporating Hispanic iconic figures to attract both the General and Hispanic markets, Pepsi launched their latest bilingual advertising campaign for Pepsi Next. But this time there are a few key components that differentiate the campaign. First, they have selected William Levy, a cuban-american soap opera or telenovela actor and model.

This bilingual advertising campaign is Pepsi Next’s largest Hispanic effort to date.

The promotion started on April 22 as Pepsi Next, which the brand says has Pepsi taste with 60% less sugar than regular Pepsi, launched Wheel of Levy, a website which showcases a spinnable wheel with various Levy embodied scenarios as a doctor, a romantic, an action hero, a rock star, a sci-fi character and a theater buff, as well as a question mark and a can of Pepsi Next.

Pepsi and Levy’s goal for the bilingual advertising campaign: to get America to try a Pepsi Next for free.

A total of 400,000 Pepsi Next two-liter bottles will be given away through the promotion that runs until May 20th. The site had “over one million hits/views” in its first day and is available in English and Spanish. Users can change the language in the top right-hand corner.

The bilingual advertising campaign targets both men and women in the 25-to-34 range independently of their being Latino or not.

Pepsi is pushing the promo on Facebook to Pepsi Next’s 148,000 fans and @PepsiNext’s 8,600 followers. The videos also appear in a YouTube playlist with views ranging from 11,000 to 146,000. The bilingual advertising campaign is supported by a TV spot and a paid digital and social buy on Buzzfeed, YouTube and E! online, as well as in-store promotions and TV appearances.

Here is Pepsi’s Press Release:

Actor William Levy Seduces Taste Buds Across America To Try Pepsi NEXT®


PURCHASE, N.Y., April 22, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — What works up a thirst more than one William Levy? Try six!  The seduction begins today as Pepsi NEXT®, the only cola to deliver real cola taste with 60% less sugar, and Levy debut the “Wheel of Levy,” the brand’s latest mission to get America to Drink it to Believe it.  The actor flexes his acting muscles to showcase six versatile personas in hot pursuit of one united goal – to get America to try a Pepsi NEXT – for free.

“I’m excited to show fans a few unexpected sides of myself to help quench their thirst for a great tasting cola with less sugar,” says Levy. “Whether it’s rocking out or fighting bad guys, I’m giving it my all to ensure you won’t be able to resist the unbelievable taste of Pepsi NEXT.”

Simply visit Wheeloflevy.com to spin the “Wheel of Levy,” decide on which Levy compels you to give into the unbelievable taste of Pepsi NEXT and register to receive a 2 Liter of Pepsi NEXT.  And don’t worry; there is a Levy for everyone.

  • Have a chronic thirst? Abide by “Doctor Levy’s” prescription.
  • Distraught over the love triangle in your favorite soap opera/telenovela?  “Romance Levy” will console you with a sip of Pepsi NEXT.
  • Bad guys on your tail? “Action Hero Levy” rescues and refreshes.

Give in to “Doctor Levy,” “Romance Levy,” “Action Hero Levy,” “Rock Star Levy,” “Sci-Fi Levy” and “Theatre Levy” as they put their powers of persuasion to work both in both English and Spanish.

Visit Wheeloflevy.com today because William Levy only has so many Pepsi NEXTs to give.  Afterwards, don’t forget to spread the love with friends on Facebook and Twitter.  William’s feats of acting prowess, along with the unbelievable taste of Pepsi NEXT, are just too good to keep to yourself.  Thirsty for even more Levy?  Find more refreshing fun online and in-store.

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For additional information visit:

Pepsi NEXT “Wheel of Levy” YouTube Playlist



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quotes on the internet #funny

quotes on the internet #funny

Carl Jung

Carl Jung

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Andy Warhol Famous Campbell’s Soup Cans

Andy Warhol Campbell Soup Tomato

Campbell’sTomato Soup by Andy Warhol – 1968

We dedicate this Friday’s post to an icon: Andy Warhol.

Did you know how he displayed the paintings on his first one-person exhibition? Here it goes.

Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Cans transformed him into an overnight sensation when they were first exhibited in Los Angeles in 1962.

It was his first one-person exhibition organized by Irving Blum, the legendary and visionary director of the Ferus Gallery.

The exhibition featured thirty-two “portraits” of soup cans, each identical except for the flavor inscribed on their labels.

These revolutionary paintings were displayed on a small narrow shelf that ran along the wall of the gallery in a way that suggested not only a gallery rail but also the long shelves in a grocery store.

With these works, Warhol took on the tradition of still life painting, declaring a familiar household brand of packaged food a legitimate subject in the age of Post-War economic recovery.

the lunatic is in my head

the lunatic is in my head

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Buzz marketing Campaign with Flash Mob for Nivea

The art of the flash mob has been used for protests, satire, entertainment and artistic expression. As a familiar trend in the advertising industry, can agencies and brands reinvent them for 2012?

The Wow Factor with Q10+ skin

Buzz Marketing Nivea flashmob: A woman is wooed after sampling Nivea's Q10 cream

A woman is wooed after sampling Nivea’s Q10 cream

This buzz marketing campaign was released in April 2012 in the town of Rouen, France for Nivea Visage Q10. This TV spot and web video also uses a combination of flash mob and street theatre. An unsuspecting target samples Nivea’s anti-wrinkle cream at a pop up store and as she walks away, attracts a storm of male attention, including dancing firemen and her very own prince charming. The scenes were captured with hidden cameras and humor is king in this 20 seconds TV spot.

According to the agency, most of the people in the live stunt are real citizens of the town of Rouen, including the gardener and girls on the boat as well as the city’s official basketball team. The 60 people flash mob passing out in the scene that takes place at the Hotel de Ville are employees of the Rouen Ferrero factory.

Flash Mob and Nivea “L’Effet Wouaaah” (The Wow Factor) TV Spot

What do you think – have flash mobs become a tired trend or is there still room for innovation? There’s also the question as to how staged the public involvement and reactions are – after all – that is a big part of the novelty.

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Rat for NIVEA for Men by Giovanni Draftfcb

Rat for NIVEA for Men by Giovanni Draftfcb

Cactus - Nivea advertisement

Cactus – Nivea advertisement

Nivea Valentine's advertisement Kiss and be Kissed

Nivea Valentine’s advertisement Kiss and be Kissed

Niveate! Nivea Advertisement

Niveate! Nivea Advertisement

enjoy life now this is not a rehearsal

enjoy life now this is not a rehearsal