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A Controversial Colorado commercial

by Havi Goffan This is a must see….  it plays with every stereotype in the book. Comments welcome…. In 2007, 23 percent of unbuckled car crash victims in Colorado were Latinos, prompting the Colorado Department of Transportation to create its first-ever Spanish public service announcement…. SPA: Tu troca, nadie la toca. ENG: Nobody touches your […]

A mini-thought on how to reach consumers

by Havi Goffan Consumers have changed. They are more educated, more knowledgeable. They have less time to pay attention to your message -be it on TV, radio, or your packaging at the supermarket aisle- and many more offers to evaluate. All we needed to do before was to know when and where to reach them… […]

Microsoft commercial – what were they thinking?

by Claudia Havi Goffan Microsoft should really think before approving a commercial like the one featuring Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfield. That is, unless their tactic is to alienate the Hispanic community. The Microsoft commercial is riddled with Hispanic stereotypes. First, the “churro” (would that be a metaphor for moist and juicy for Hispanics?), then […]

Many uses of soccer in commercials

by Claudia Havi Goffan Have you ever wondered about the versatility of soccer in commercials? Well… we did. Here are a few brands that use soccer in their commercials very cleverly. We will start with the most expected uses for soccer and finalize with the most original ones. We hope you enjoy them as much […]