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17 Pinterest Statistics For Business You Need To Know

Still haven’t made up your mind about being on Pinterest or not? New year, New Platform! And to help wipe away all doubts, I leave you with these 17 Pinterest statistics for business to begin planning your 2015 Pinterest strategy now! In the U.S. alone, Pinterest has 53 million active users – or, 22% of […]

Best Halloween Ads: Trick or Treat?

A collection of the best Halloween ads I have had the privilege of watching. Ikea, Snickers, McDonald’s, Pepsi, The Guardian, Mini Cooper and, yes! The first Snapchat ad! There is something special about Halloween. A fascination on my part, probably born from watching scary Halloween movies in a country where it was not celebrated (then) in […]

Effective Pinterest Strategy: the Whole Foods Success Story

What makes for an effective Pinterest strategy? How to take advantage of this visual discovery engine to increase sales? Read about Whole Foods Market success. Many see Pinterest as a community online to share images. Others, the visionaries, take advantage of all that this tool gives them and they grow with her. They understand that, […]

Reverse Showrooming to the Power of Pinterest

41% of customers do reverse show rooming. Read on to find out how to leverage the power of Pinterest to drive more traffic to stores with intent to buy. What is Showrooming? Showrooming is a relatively new way of buying products where customers first visit a physical store to examine and/or evaluate the product that is then […]

Website Optimization and its effect on offline marketing

Do marketers consider website optimization or SEO efforts when planning their offline marketing strategy? Leveraging website optimization efforts can provide you with a more insightful and better crafted message for your offline marketing strategies. According to Marketing Sherpa’s study, “Discovering the most effective messaging and positioning is crucial for crafting an effective value proposition, and then incorporating […]

Pinterest competition wants you to solve this Peugeot puzzle

Pinterest competition from Peugeot Pinterest is the new kid on the social media block, but brand owners are starting to use the platform creatively. Peugeot Panama recently launched a Pinterest competition on the site that asks its customers to complete puzzles on the company’s Pinterest page. The use of Pinterest as an engagement tool is […]

Discover Your Brand’s Best Times to Post to Pinterest

I don’t believe there are standardized best times to post to Pinterest and. as a matter of fact, I am of the belief that the same applies to all social networks. But here’s how to identify YOUR best times to post to Pinterest. Many blogs and articles on the web make mention of the best times to post to Pinterest. What do they truly […]

5 Awesome 2014 Soccer World Cup Ads

Isn’t it funny that now we all focus on the 2014 soccer World Cup Ads? Didn’t it used to be an almost exclusive event surrounding the Super Bowl? As the U.S. gets more involved with soccer, the larger the U.S. audience and the higher the number of advertisers wanting to capture their attention. Because of it and because soccer […]

Kellogg’s Pinterest marketing strategy analysis

I am a firm believer that very few companies grasp the power of Pinterest Marketing and understand how to compete for attention (and traffic) on the visual search engine. This is the first of many Pinterest marketing strategies analysis I will perform and post. Let’s learn from the ones that do and find out what we […]

Bus advertising examples that go the distance!

Bus advertising is not something new. Trucks and buses have been wrapped with ads for a long time. But, who remembers what was advertised on the side of a bus on a simple banner one week ago, lest a year ago? When bus advertising campaigns are infused with great creative, brands and their messages become memorable […]