April is national child abuse prevention month

April is national child abuse prevention month …get blue!

Blue Ribbon: Symbol for Child Abuse Prevention Month

Blue Ribbon: Symbol for Child Abuse Prevention Month

Hispanic children also suffer from child abuse. Most of the times it goes unnoticed. Why? Because physical and emotional abuse is part of the culture of immigrant Latino families. The famous chancleta, turns corporal punishment into an approved form of abuse that becomes “the” laughing matter of most of our childhood memories.

Many Latino parents punish their children thinking of it as a form of behavioral correction. Their child rearing methodology is harsh and strict. If the child misbehaves or what they interpret as misbehavior, physical punishment will be applied.

It is important then, that more awareness is raised regarding child abuse and how to prevent it. This does not mean that non-Latino children suffer less from abuse as research shows that most all American children have been spanked at one time or other in their lives.

This April, help disseminate this information and increase child abuse prevention.

Understanding what is child abuse is the first step towards child abuse prevention. Child abuse is when a parent, family-member or caregiver causes emotional harm, injury, death to a child. It could be through action or neglect. There are many forms of child abuse, including neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse, exploitation and emotional abuse.

I am an Abuse Survivor and would not wish this hell onto anybody. I can share with you, my dear reader, that physical abuse was many times preferred to the emotional one. At least, physical abuse had a beginning and an end. Emotional abuse lasts forever. If you recognize symptoms of abuse you will be in a better position to prevent it. Listen to the child’s attempts to reach out. Acknowledge them because there is nothing worse that being unheard, than being “invisible.”

Even though I was able to survive and make it in this world, many others do not. Help us, help them. Get blue on National Child Abuse Prevention Month!

This is from the Love our Children USA press release:

Every April, the nation unites to raise awareness and educate the public about child abuse and violence against children.

This April marks the 27th observance to raise awareness to stop child abuse.

In 1982, President Ronald Reagan declared by Presidential Proclamation that April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. Since that time, child abuse awareness activities have been promoted every April throughout America by millions of people throughout the USA.

Each year, over 3 million children in our country were reported abused or neglected and through public awareness, community education, and support programs, these astounding numbers will be reduced.

Love Our Children USA raises awareness of this national movement through its GET BLUE campaign.

Everyone can be a voice for children by participating in the GET BLUE campaign and work to remind the public about the importance of America’s kids, and how we can all share in preventing all violence and neglect against children.

Child Abuse Prevention Month activities are one way everyone in your community can play a role in child abuse prevention. It’s a way to rally many people in your community to support programs that help parents and children.

On a societal level, efforts to prevent child abuse must target these contributing factors; yet, it’s just as important to take immediate action to prevent child abuse and save lives today. On the individual level, ordinary citizens can keep their eyes and ears open, and report any incidents of child abuse they might witness. Parents can take parenting classes, keep their own levels of stress in check, seek treatment for mental health and substance abuse problems, and, for additional support, enroll in a home visitation program.

During the month of April, let our Nation’s voices for children reaffirm the commitment to making a positive difference in ending violence and neglect against children.

Everyone must help… because child abuse is everyone’s problem. Organize or join a community group that offers information or assistance to parents and families. Be vigilant for signs of abuse exhibited by young people in your community. Encourage trust in and support for law enforcement agencies. By speaking out against violence and neglect and cultivating an environment that nurtures and strengthens families, we can give kids the safe and loving homes they need. They can enter the classrooms every day ready to learn, with improved self-esteem. They can be encouraged to reach their full potential as individuals and as members of our society.

Source: Love our Children USA

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    RT @RAQUI56 April is national child abuse prevention month …get blue … [link to post]

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    April is national child abuse prevention month …get blue … [link to post]

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