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  • how to discover the best times to post to pinterest

    Discover Your Brand’s Best Times to Post to Pinterest

    I don’t believe there are standardized best times to post to Pinterest and. as a matter of fact, I am of the belief that the same applies to all social networks. But here’s how to identify YOUR best times to post to Pinterest.
    Many blogs and articles on the web make […]

  • Kellogg’s Pinterest marketing strategy analysis by Havi Goffan

    Kellogg’s Pinterest marketing strategy analysis

    I am a firm believer that very few companies grasp the power of Pinterest Marketing and understand how to compete for attention (and traffic) on the visual search engine. This is the first of many Pinterest marketing strategies analysis I will perform and post. Let’s […]

Market Intelligence

Millennial consumer shopping insights and trends

We all love good research and especially when it is about millennials. After all, they account for 21 percent of consumer spend and marketers look for ways to make millennial consumer shopping insights actionable.

Today, marketers can use these insights  to influence, reach, activate and accelerate a specific shopper along the path of purchase with added […]

Social Media


Hispanic Culture and Hispanic Marketing

5 Awesome 2014 Soccer World Cup Ads

Isn’t it funny that now we all focus on the 2014 soccer World Cup Ads? Didn’t it used to be an almost exclusive event surrounding the Super Bowl? As the U.S. gets more involved with soccer, the larger the U.S. audience and the higher the number of advertisers wanting to capture their attention.

Because of it and because soccer […]

Digital Marketing

Mobile App Advertising Trends

A new Mobile App Advertising trend may be in the making as smartphone owners turn to local TV news apps and breaking, local news and weather are top content categories, according to the latest research on the topic.

As local digital news becomes a more competitive space—with Google showing signs of venturing into the market, […]

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