Most Popular Searches for September Yahoo! En Espanol

Popular Searches for September

Yahoo! En Espanol today announced it’s most popular Searches on Yahoo! Pop for the month ending September 30 ( Yahoo! Pop allows users to access the site and stay in touch with what’s hot and use it as a resource to search for and spot trends. Information on Yahoo! Pop is available and searchable by day, month and category.

The Most Popular Searches for September in Yahoo! Pop include:

Top 10 Overall Searches:
1. Twin Towers
2. Tsunami
3. Sandra Bullock
4. Vida Guerra
5. Qualifiers 2010
6. Olga Tanon
7. Whitney Houston
8. Perez Hilton
9. Gaby Espino
10. Megan Fox

Tragedies, present and past, captured the interest of Yahoo! En Espanol users this month. The eighth anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks in New York City no doubt propelled users to look for stories and information on the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers. The catastrophic tsunami that struck Samoa on September 29 following an 8.0 magnitude earthquake also topped the list at No. 2; the event left a confirmed 143 people dead and six missing in Samoa.

Yahoo! En Espanol users also searched for info on Sandra Bullock, star of the movie “All About Steve” that opened in September with mixed reviews. The actress, who plays a crossword puzzle constructor, also produced the film.

Propelled by controversy, singers Olga Tanon and Whitney Houston also topped the list. Tanon participated in the criticized Peace Without Borders Concert, held in Havana last month. Houston, interviewed by Oprah, brought to light very private aspects of her drug use and violent marriage. Cuban-American blogger Perez Hilton made headlines after having falsely reported that Jaclyn Smith had committed suicide in Honduras. Venezuelan soap opera star Gaby Espino and Hollywood actress Megan Fox also topped the list.

In addition to the most popular overall topics, Yahoo! Pop also reveals the Top Ten Searches in six other categories: entertainment, music, technology, celebrities, news and sports. During the month of September, the qualifier soccer matches for the World Cup were the number one search in the sports category, attracting the imagination of the fans, who will passionately follow their country’s teams all the way to South Africa next summer. Olga Tanon was No. 1 in the music category and Sandra Bullock topped the Entertainment category.

Updated daily, Yahoo! Pop search results showcase the diverse interests and concerns of U.S. Hispanics around the net, from gorgeous celebrity sightings and salacious political news to funny jokes and the latest consumer obsessions. To come up with the Yahoo! Pop Top 10 list, Yahoo! created a unique algorithm which scans anonymous query logs from Yahoo! Search across a variety of categories to see what themes and trends bubble up to the surface. Individual searches are never used to develop these lists. Every day millions of people visit Yahoo! to search for news, hobbies, curiosities and all types of information. By putting all of the searches together, the site displays the topics that are of most interest to people. To view the most popular searches of the day, click on ‘Pop’ on the Yahoo! En Espanol front page or visit:

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