No Green Card? Go Directly to Jail, Do Not Get Due Process!

Siesta Tees responds to SB1070

Siesta Tees, a Hispanic themed apparel company, announces the release of their “No Green Card, I’m Legal!” t-shirt. “With the new immigration law in Arizona, we felt we had to express our views about SB1070. This law targets one group of people, it’s truly a racist law”, explains Greg Sanchez, owner and founder of Siesta Tees. The Arizona House and Senate have passed bill, SB1070, that would allow law enforcement officers to stop and interview an individual in the state regarding citizenship status and make it a crime to be an undocumented person in Arizona. If a person can not immediately present documents proving that he is legally in the US, he may be criminally prosecuted, jailed and handed to Immigration and Customs Enforcement for deportation. The bill has no safeguards against racial profiling and increases the likelihood of subjective arrest and detention.

Along, with their anti-SB1070 slogan, Siesta Tees released a new line of designs for 2010. The new and humorous line includes Make Tacos, not war!, Powered by Brown Energy, Diego is my homie!, My Chupacabra will eat your pit bull! and iChula, to name a few. The online shop offers a variety of t-shirt styles, infant one piece, children’s t-shirts, mugs, caps, aprons and many more items stamped with their designs. Latino folklore, beliefs and “abuelas wise thoughts” were mixed together to create the unique designs and slogans. The designs were created to fill a void in the main stream Latino market, which has become a major force in the U.S. market.

Siesta Tees started with one funny design and now offers more than fifty designs and phrases such as, Stop the violence- hit a piñata, I love abuela, I think the Chupacabra is under my bed and Don’t make me use my chancla!, all in a variety of colors and sizes. Their online sales shop offers a 30-day return guarantee and a toll free customer service line. “We are in the process of taking our t-shirts from online to retail stores in the near future. We believe the demand is there, and that our slogan will stand true, Creating laughs one tee at a time.” explains Greg.

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