Legal Marketing Site Targets US Hispanics in Spanish

English-Only Legal Marketing Sites Fail to Reach a Growing Segment of US Population in Spanish. Article marketing on legal topics in a target market’s own language, such as Spanish for Hispanics, provides an unrivaled opportunity to increase a legal firm’s online exposure and web traffic.

Miami, FL, June 28, 2009 –(– A new website seeks to tap directly into the US Hispanic market for legal services by offering an outlet to market legal services in Spanish. TusDerechosLegales.Com targets Hispanics by delivering general information online exclusively in Spanish through short articles on a legal topic.

US-Based Web Site Targets Legal Marketing at US Hispanics in Their Native Language

US-Based Web Site Targets Legal Marketing at US Hispanics in Their Native Language

Some legal topics, such as immigration and divorce, naturally provide an opportunity for lawyers to extend their marketing reach in Spanish. Short articles in their native language allow Hispanics in the US to find relevant information quickly and in an understandable format that online translators do not provide. This, in turn, leads to an easier process in locating attorneys who can provide the services needed.

Marketing legal services in Spanish is an example of niche marketing. Because the internet lends itself to this type of marketing, TusDerechosLegales.Com expects to gain significant traffic throughout the US within a reasonable time by catering only to legal marketing in the Spanish language. The site uses an article directory format with over twenty-five legal categories, including not only the two already mentioned but also real estate (including foreclosure), wills, probate, personal injury, etc.

As attorneys learn to make the most of their online presence, and learn to use marketing strategies that take advantage of their online presence, a marketing niche such as legal articles in Spanish provides a no-cost avenue to increase their web traffic. TusDerechosLegales.Com is actively seeking attorneys to write short articles on various topics with which attorneys can include their contact and website information. For attorneys who cannot write in Spanish, the site provides an additional service of translating their first five articles on a first-come, first-served basis for key categories, and will be expand its offerings to low-cost translation services of articles. Article submission is free to the attorneys as is, of course, access to the articles.

Additionally, TusDerechosLegales.Com also makes use of other online tools, such as RSS feeds for the articles. In addition, legal professionals who are using Twittr can take advantage of another marketing opportunity by announcing their latest article submissions in a “twitt.”