Buzz Marketing Twitterrific ideas

Finding a car parking space at Christmas time is an intimidating and sometimes insurmountable task just about anywhere in the world, and to help people with this Mercedes-Benz created a buzz marketing Twitterrific idea: “The Tweet Fleet” by tapping into the “Park Assist” feature. Mercedes-Benz Park Assist can automatically detect empty car spaces near you as you drive, so what if they could take that feature and provide it to anyone looking for a parking spot at Christmas?

Well, they did, and a fleet of new Mercedes-Benz cars travelling around Stuttgart in Germany, automatically tweeting empty car spaces with geo-tagging to ensure that anyone following can not only find out where the empty spaces are, but can get directions directly to them. All rigged together via an Arduino board and the Mercedes-Benz Park Assist feature.

Twitter Humor ;)

Twitter Humor 😉

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