Smart Apps Usage in Smart Marketing Campaigns

Smart Apps Usage in Smart Marketing Campaigns

Smart Apps Usage in Smart Marketing Campaigns

Innovation comes in many forms and sometimes it comes in the form of smart apps. And when these smart apps are able to deliver loyalty, customer satisfaction, brand awareness and increased revenues, we have a winning combo.

Smart Marketing Campaign

Evian is now selling its product direct to consumers with an online delivery service. This device can be posted to your fridge and allows you to order more Evian through tapping the screen.Evian is offering customers a very special kind of fridge magnet, a Wi-Fi-equipped system that enables them to order a fresh ration of Evian mineral water just as soon as supplies begin to run low. All you have to do is sign up online, receive the “magnet” et voila!

The delivery is free of charge and the smart apps enable you to choose the order quantity, the different flavors preferred and the frequency of delivery, if the customer want a regular delivery.

Pretty smart apps and I am certain we will see more companies doing this.

How do these smart apps work?

The smart apps flow is depicted in the graphics below:

Evian Connecting your Fridge to the Internet

Evian Connecting your Fridge to the Internet

Select the Product you Want

Select the Product you Want

Select the delivery date

Select the delivery date

Evian Smart app connecting

Evian Smart app connecting

Order is sent via the Smart App

Order is sent via the Smart App

So true! Timing is key

So true! Timing is key

Intelligent Technologies You Should Know About

Can you incorporate these intelligent technologies into your marketing strategy and execution?

Only a few days ago, Watson showed the world the state and power of natural language processing (quasi artificial intelligence). Some of the intelligent technologies we have to offer, make use of natural language processing to obtain consumer insights.

We leave you with the following article from Information Week as food for thought or should we say, food for processing.

Intelligent Technologies: Advances in Medical Robotics

Robots play a critical — and growing — role in modern medicine, from training the next generation of doctors, dentists, and nurses, to comforting and protecting elderly patients in the early stages of dementia. Using robots, medical professionals can make smaller incisions for shorter surgeries, reducing hospital stays and improving patients’ prognoses and saving costs. As robots become even smaller and developers continue to further integrate the devices with artificial intelligence, the medical community will continuously expand the ways in which it uses this technology to save patients, improve quality of life and prevent health problems.

At the other end of the spectrum, medical schools are turning to robots that mimic live patients’ feelings of pain or discomfort to help the next wave of doctors and dentists prepare to treat real people. Of course, dummies and cadavers are not new to medical students, but by giving students access to sensitive patients, healthcare educators hope to hone the bedside manners of soon-to-be doctors and dentists.

The University of Tokyo Hospital is using Geminoid, a female-looking robot, in patient-communication trials. Developed by Hiroshi Ishiguro of Osaka University, ATR Intelligent Robotics and Communication Laboratories, in conjunction with Kokoro, a Tokyo-based entertainment firm, Geminoid can move its eyes, shoulders, mouth, and head. The robot includes a camera and face-tracking software, but cannot walk. The robots are expected to sell for about $110,000, according to reports. They are intended to comfort patients, reducing blood pressure, stress, and other conditions associated with pre- and post-surgery and hospital stays.


Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well. - Voltaire

Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well. – Voltaire

Intelligent Technologies You Should Know About

Intelligent Technologies You Should Know About

Cell Phones Key to Teens’ Social Lives, 47% Can Text with Eyes Closed

Nearly half (47%) of US teens say their social life would end or be worsened without their cell phone, and nearly six in 10 (57%) credit their mobile device with improving their life, according to a national survey from CTIA and Harris Interactive.

I'd die without my phone! - Cell Phones Key to Teens's lives

I’d die without my phone! – Cell Phones Key to Teens’s lives

Four out of five teens (17 million) carry a wireless device (a 40% increase since 2004), finds the study titled “Teenagers: A Generation Unplugged,” which probes how the growing teen wireless segment is using wireless products and how they want to use them in the future.

Impact on Teen Life

  • A majority (57%) of teens view their cell phone as the key to their social life.
  • Second only to clothing, teens say, a person’s cell phone tells the most about their social status or popularity, outranking jewelry, watches and shoes.

Providing Entertainment and Security

  • More than half of the respondents (52%) agree that the cell phone has become a new form of entertainment.
  • One-third of teens play games on their phone.
  • 80% say their cell phone provides a sense of security while on the go, confirming that the cell phone has become their mobile safety net when needing a ride (79%), getting important information (51%), or just helping out someone in trouble (35%).
  • Teens carry cell phones to have access to friends, family and current events.
  • Though only one in five (18%) teens care to pinpoint the location of their family and friends via their cell phone, 36% hate the idea of a cell phone feature that allows others to know their exact location.

Texting Replacing Talking

The study also confirmed that texting is replacing talking among teens. Teens admitted spending nearly an equal amount of time talking as they do texting each month. The feature is so important to them that if texting were no longer an option 47% of teens say their social life would end or be worsened – that’s especially so among females (54% vs. 40%).

Teens say texting has advantages over talking because it offers more options, including multitasking, speed, the option to avoid verbal communication, and because it is fun – in that order, according to the study.

With more than 1 billion text messages sent each day, it is no surprise that 42% of teens say they can text blindfolded, the study found.

“Teens have created a new form of communication. We call it texting, but in essence it is a reflection of how teens want to communicate to match their lifestyles. It is all about multitasking, speed, privacy and control,” said Joseph Porus, VP & chief architect, Technology Group, Harris Interactive. “Teens in this study are crying for personalization and control of exactly what a wireless device or plan can do for them.”

Devices of the Future

The survey asked teens what future changes they’d like to see in wireless services and devices and found that respondents want cell phones that break boundaries and are personalized to fit their lifestyles.

Teens remain excited and openminded about the wireless possibilities and their ideal future mobile devices would feature five applications – phone, MP3 player, GPS, laptop computer and video player, according to Harris.

What Teens Want On Their Phones - Cell Phones Key to Teens's lives

What Teens Want On Their Phones – Cell Phones Key to Teens’s lives

Also on teens’ wish lists are phones that…

  • Guarantee secured data access to the user only (80%)
  • Provide accessibility to personal health records (66%)
  • Present opportunities to be educated anywhere in the world (66%)
  • Bring users closer to global issues impacting teens’ world (63%)
  • Are shockproof and waterproof (81%)
  • Have endless power (80%)
  • Feature a privacy screen (58%)
  • Are made of flexible material and fold into different shapes and sizes (39%)
  • Have artificial intelligence – ask it questions and it gives answers (38%)

“In the future, mobility for teens means mobile banking, mobile voting, location based services, personal entertainment – the sky is the limit for how mobile our lifestyles can be,” said Steve Largent, president and CEO, CTIA – The Wireless Association. “We’ve certainly come a long way in 25 years and expect teens to be a growth driver for the industry and have a major impact on the wireless landscape for years to come.”

About the study: The study was conducted online in July 2008 among a nationally representative sample of 2,089 teenagers (age 13-19) across the US who have cell phones. More than 100 questions were asked on mobile phone usage, attitudes, behaviors, and teens’ desires and aspirations for the future of mobile communications, entertainment, and other features.

you can't treat people like shit and expect them to love you

you can’t treat people like shit and expect them to love you

Digital Marketing Trends You Need To Know About – updated

Digital Marketing Trends: Online Display Advertising

The challenge for a small business is the same challenge facing any business: How do you get enough people to pay attention to your ads while they are busy uploading photos or conversing with friends?

The challenge for a small business is the same challenge facing any business: How do you get enough people to pay attention to your ads while they are busy uploading photos or conversing with friends?

Banner ads may sound like an antiquated way to get noticed, but actually display advertising is becoming much more interesting due to two important trends.

One such trend is better local ad targeting.

Several companies, such as, LinkedIn and Facebook, have announced that they’re getting into the local targeting game by offering geography-based advertising along with the standard demographic or keyword targeting you’d expect. Local targeting is already prevalent in search engine marketing and it’s good to know that display ads are heading in the same direction.
The other noticeable trend to get excited about is the movement toward ad pricing based on cost-per-action rather than cost-per-click.

Paying for ads based on CPA means that you don’t pay the publisher until you get the action you want from the ad. For example, if you want your online display ad to drive someone to an online store to buy the advertised product, you won’t have to pay until someone actually clicks the ad and completes the purchase. Several companies have announced an emphasis on CPA tracking and billing.

Digital Marketing Trends: Online Retail Promotions

Selling physical goods has long been about driving traffic to your e-commerce store so prospective customers can see and buy your products. That trend seems destined for a giant turn in the opposite direction, because it won’t be long before smaller retailers have the ability to sell more of their products on other highly targeted consumer websites.

One such website is, where the CEO announced the company’s intention to enable anyone to search real-time availability and local product information on every product, on every shelf, in every local business in America.

Another outstanding innovation for online retail comes from Pixazza. Pixazza is changing the way consumers shop by allowing people to browse and buy products that appear in any photos.

For example, let’s say you’re reading an article in an online entertainment magazine and you see a photo of Jennifer Lopez wearing earrings that are to-die-for. Getting yourself a similar pair is easier than ever; as you hover over the photo Pixazza recommends earrings at suggested prices far below what Jennifer Lopez probably paid for hers.

You can also use this type of technology on video email campaigns,  it increases your CTR (Click-through rate) over 100%!!

Digital Marketing Trends: Social Media Advertising

Social media is arguably the most innovative internet tool to emerge since, well, the internet. There are definitely good reasons to advertise on social media sites (this includes your own fan pages and networks). The challenge for a small business is the same challenge facing any business: How do you get enough people to pay attention to your ads while they are busy uploading photos or conversing with friends?

There are a number of companies working to make social media advertising more engaging and even fun, and it won’t be long before there are a plethora of choices for small budgets.

There are interesting video advertising products with built-in games and quizzes to get people to pay attention and remember the content in the videos, and others offer access to an integrated suite of social media applications designed to attract attention and engagement in exchange for a subscription of just a small fee per month.

Digital Marketing Trends: Mobile Marketing

Advertising and messaging to mobile phones is definitely a hot topic among marketers.

In the past, most mobile marketing tools focused on only one aspect of mobile marketing, such as text-messaging, application development or mobile websites. Those tools are now converging as integrated solutions.

One such company, 2ergo, recently announced plans to offer a comprehensive suite of marketing solutions that include SMS, MMS, e-mail and mobile websites. Be on the lookout for companies offering comprehensive mobile solutions priced for small businesses in the not-too-distant future.

Make sure at least a portion of your website is designed to display and function properly on mobile devices — especially the pages that contain contact information for your business.

If you have a location-based business, start making your communications more mobile friendly so people can respond to your offers and information while they are on-the-go.

Sending text-messages and e-mails with mobile coupons and snack-sized bites of product information are great places to start. Also, social media users are more likely to become mobile savvy than the average internet user, so make sure you have a presence on the most common social sites.

augmented reality simply explained

augmented reality simply explained

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