New Unified Digital Audience Measurement Service

New, Unified Audience Measurement Capabilities to Provide Publishers a Deeper Understanding of Audience Reach and Advertisers the Intelligence Needed for More Effective Media Planning

Omniture and comScore to Deliver Unified Digital Audience Measurement Service

Omniture, Inc., a leading provider of online business optimization software, and comScore, Inc., a leader in measuring the digital world, today announced a strategic partner relationship to deliver a unified digital audience measurement system. Specifically designed to meet the unique demands of the digital advertising world, the offering will combine the power of Omniture’s Web analytics with comScore’s new Media Metrix 360 hybrid audience measurement to help provide publishers and advertisers with a unified and comprehensive view of online audiences.

Two of the keys to implementing a successful digital marketing initiative are the ability to measure and analyze online marketing performance and to capture accurate views of audience reach across multiple information sources. To date, publishers and advertisers use two primary sources for measuring the impact of digital advertising – Web analytics and panel-based audience measurement. Because the two measurement methodologies have disparate objectives and employ different data collection technologies, the resulting dissimilar metrics can cause confusion and uncertainty among publishers and advertisers. This strategic partner relationship blends these two methodologies in a highly automated way to create a unified approach for audience measurement designed to enable publishers to represent themselves in a more comprehensive manner to advertisers, and for advertisers to better optimize their media planning with the benefit of more extensive media reach data.

This relationship between Omniture and comScore will enable organizations to unify their online and panel-based audience measurement information, providing more consistent and more comprehensive standard metrics. With the combined offering, publishers and advertisers will be able to automate data integration and reconciliation, eliminate the need for publishers to implement time consuming multiple data collection methods and reduce the labor-intensive steps needed to deliver unified audience measurement.

“We are excited to join forces with Omniture, a leader in quality and innovation in the Web analytics industry, to bring this solution to the marketplace,” said Dr. Magid Abraham, comScore President & CEO. “As leading providers of Internet audience measurement and Web analytics, comScore and Omniture are working to provide the marketplace a much-needed solution for consistent Web-wide measurement. This relationship will deliver to our customers the solution that they have been seeking, thus helping to promote and accelerate the usage of digital marketing intelligence for delivering actionable business results and competitive advantage. We believe it will also help the industry overcome concerns of inconsistent measurement of digital audiences and promote further adoption of digital media advertising.”

“Since the rise of digital advertising, advertisers and publishers alike have sought ways to reconcile their Web analytics and panel-based measurement data to establish a unified measure of online audiences,” said Josh James, Omniture CEO and co-founder. “With this relationship, Omniture and comScore will enable publishers who have rich, highly targeted audience segments to reliably demonstrate their value to advertisers and also help advertisers find these attractive consumer segments. The combined offering will provide advertisers and publishers with a common currency to measure the value of online audiences across an ever-increasing number of digital channels.”

Tangible Customer BenefitsToday and in the Future

The strategic partner relationship is intended to allow joint Omniture and comScore customers to use Omniture tags to collect and share information with Media Metrix 360 using Omniture Genesis integration technology, quickly bypassing the normal implementation process for Media Metrix 360.

The relationship also opens up the possibility of joint product initiatives that will leverage the granularity of the Omniture site-specific data with the Web-wide view of Internet user behavior provided by comScore.

Availability of Unified Digital Audience Measurement Service

comScore and Omniture customers interested in the new service should contact their respective account managers.

Industry Support

“The partnership between Omniture and comScore represents a significant step forward for the digital media measurement community,” said David McBride, director of Business Intelligence at Comcast Interactive Media. “To have these two leaders forge an alliance and provide the industry with an integrated solution for server and audience measurement will help us better understand and improve upon our digital performance.”

“Despite digital being the most measurable medium, it has unique dynamics that make measurement significantly more challenging than simply counting clicks,” said Larry Gelfand, senior vice president, digital sales and business development, National Hockey League. “Both census-level web analytics and person-based audience measurement services are essential to evaluating digital media performance, and to finally see these two measurement technologies brought into alignment is an extraordinarily positive step for those invested in the digital medium.”

“Publishers have always relied on both site analytics and audience measurement data for understanding the performance of our web properties,” said Tomer Strolight, president, Torstar Digital. “Even though the two measurement platforms are used for different purposes, the disparities between the two have been somewhat disconcerting. This effort to harmonize the two data sets and understand the source of the disparities will give everyone in the industry a better understanding of their data and give us more confidence in the decisions we make based on these metrics.”

“The partnership between comScore and Omniture has the potential to move the measurement of online media several steps forward,” said Scott McDonald, SVP Research, Conde Nast Publications. “For more than a decade, we have fretted about – and sometimes quarreled about — the discrepancies between the audience estimates derived from third-party panels like comScore’s and those derived from web site analytics systems like Omniture’s. This collaboration represents the most significant effort to date to harmonize the two approaches and give the industry, at last, a common and convergent set of numbers.”

“It is terrific to see these two industry giants collaborate on a solution to this longstanding problem of reconciling panel and server data,” said Patrick Lauzon, executive vice president, SUN Media (Quebecor Media Co.). “This is yet another example of comScore and Omniture being leaders in the field and providing the mission critical solutions the industry has been calling for.”

“The digital industry has grappled with the differences between panel and server information for many years,” said Graham Mosey, SVP and General Manager, CanWest Digital. “We were one of the first comScore clients to support the Media Metrix 360 project because we saw the obvious benefits. The comScore-Omniture partnership eliminates the implementation burden and will expedite the expansion of this new form of measurement. Having as many publishers as possible involved can only be good for the industry. This is a groundbreaking development which is extremely exciting.”

Source: comScore

Hi5 Strikes Deal with Televisa Interactive

Spanish-language media company and social networking site team up for exclusive video agreement.

Hi5 has joined Televisa Interactive Media, the Spanish-speaking media company, and announced an exclusive online ad deal this week.Televisa said Wednesday that it would become Hi5’s exclusive online advertising inventory representative in Hispanic Latin America. The two companies said that they will launch a co-branded premium video channel for Hi5 users with a library of full-length and short videos from Televisa.

The channel is scheduled for launch this summer and microsites will follow.Together, the two companies said they reach more than 33 million unique users each month in Hispanic Latin America. Internet use in those countries grew by up to 16.6% last year, according to ComScore. That compares with North America’s growth of 5.7% for last year, according to ComScore’s figures.

“Hi5 is an ideal content and traffic extension that perfectly complements our best-in-class suite of promotional solutions for advertisers and brands in this region,” Juan Saldivar, general manager of Televisa Interactive Media, said in a statement released Wednesday.

Televisa said that most of the videos are available through and through its vertical video site Those channels are available in the United States, but the new video channel will not be available to U.S. users.

“This business relationship solidifies our leadership position in Latin America and delivers compelling content to our huge Spanish-language audience,” Ramu Yalamanchi, founder and chief product officer at Hi5, said in a statement released Wednesday. “Televisa’s experienced sales team and deep industry relationships will help us maximize our revenue potential in the Latin American market.”


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Source: Information Week (By K.C. Jones )

U.S. Hispanic Internet Audience Growth Outpaces Total U.S. Online Population by 50 Percent

U.S. Hispanic Internet Audience Growth Outpaces Total U.S. Online Population by 50 Percent

Hispanic Internet Population Reaches Record Number in February 2009

The U.S. Hispanic online population reached a record 20.3 million visitors in February 2009, representing 11 percent of the total U.S. online market, according to a recent study released by ComScore Media Matrix. During the past year, the growth of the U.S Hispanic Internet audience outpaced that of the total U.S. online population in terms of number of visitors, time spent and pages consumed, as Hispanic online adoption and engagement accelerated.

Hispanic Online Audience Growing Faster than Total U.S. Internet Market

The U.S. Hispanic online population reached 20.3 million visitors in February 2009, an increase of 6 percent from the previous year. Hispanic Internet users also exhibited a surge in online engagement, including strong increases in time spent and pages consumed. The total amount of time spent online by Hispanics increased 6.9 percent in 2009 (3.9 times faster than the total U.S. online population), while total pages consumed grew 6 percent (3.6 times faster than the total U.S. population).

Growth in Internet Usage: U.S. Hispanic Internet Population vs. Total U.S. Internet Population
February 2009 vs. February 2008
Total U.S. – Home, Work and University Locations
Source: comScore Media Metrix

Percent Change
Feb-2009 vs. Feb-2008

Total U.S. Internet AudienceTotal U.S. Hispanic Internet Audience
Total Unique Visitors3.9%5.8%
Total Minutes1.4%6.9%
Average Minutes per Usage Day4.4%7.7%
Total Pages Viewed1.3%6.0%
Total Visits-1.8%5.4%
Average Visits per Usage Day1.1%6.1%

U.S. Hispanics are Heavy Online Entertainment Consumers

Though they represent 11 percent of the total U.S. online audience, Hispanics account for just 9 percent of total time spent online. To understand where Hispanics are most likely to consume content online, the study looked at the site categories where they spent an above average share of their online time.

The top ranked category was Community – Teens, where U.S. Hispanics accounted for 18 percent of total time spent in the category, followed by Gaming Information at 13 percent. Other entertainment- and leisure-related categories were heavily represented on the list, including Radio (13 percent), Multimedia (12 percent), Discussion/Chat, Instant Messengers (11 percent) and Music (11 percent).

U.S. Hispanics’ Share of Total Time Spent in Online Site Categories

February 2009

Total U.S. – Home, Work and University Locations
Source: comScore Media Metrix

U.S. Hispanics’ Share of  Time Spent Within Site Category
Community – Teens18%
Gaming Information13%
Entertainment – Radio13%
Entertainment – Multimedia12%
Services – Discussion/Chat11%
Services – Instant Messengers11%
Community – Lifestyles11%
Entertainment – Music11%
Retail – Computer Software11%
Retail – Music11%

Source: comScore Media Metrix

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