Making of the commercial Toyota Highlander

I wanted to share the making of a 2007 commercial for the Puerto Rican market. The shoot took place in a city far, far away – in my beloved Buenos Aires.

Producer: Landia
Dir : Karina Minujin / Maxi Blanco
Asist de Dir :Ezequiel Avaro
Jefe Prod. : Guada Tellado
D.F. : Marcelo Camorino
Dir de Arte : Natalia Grosso

The main message is about changes and how we adapt to things, in this case how the Toyota Highlander adapts to us. And this is how it plays in Puerto Rico.

The Toyota Highlander commercial

First, watch the commercial:

Making of the commercial Toyota Highlander

Now, the making of the commercial for Toyota Highlander with the polar bear animatronics head: