What Latinas Want

Latinas Focus on Education, Careers

Latinas Focus on Education, Careers

April 22, 2009
-By Steve McClellan, Adweek



A new study from Telemundo and Meredith Hispanic Ventures on Hispanic women reports that Latinas have “redefined their priorities,” with higher education and careers now trumping getting married as top goals.

The study, titled “What Latinas Want,” combined quantitative and qualitative research. The quantitative research was conducted in conjunction with OTX Research, with a national sample of 1,004 Latinas, ages 18-64. A sub-sample of 500 non-Latinas, ages 18-64, was also collected for comparison purposes. The study was accomplished through a combination of online and intercept-to-Web self-administered surveys. The study was conducted between Sept. 23 and Nov. 12, 2008.

The qualitative research consisted of 13 in-home video ethnographies with Latinas ages 25-35 in both emerging and established markets. The interviews were conducted during summer 2008.

Eighty percent of those surveyed said that higher education was a top personal goal and 72 percent said career development was a priority. That compares to 50 percent who indicated that getting married mattered more.

While Latinas and non-Latinas both find personal development and family rewarding, Latinas place greater importance on their relationships with their parents (65 percent Latinas vs. 55 percent non-Latinas) and taking care of their aging relatives (42 percent Latinas vs. 27 percent non-Latinas).

Just over 80 percent of respondents said that they are either primary decision makers of the family’s finances or they make decisions in concert with their spouse. Their top three financial concerns, per the study: rising taxes; the future development of social security; and saving for retirement.

Like their non-Latina counterparts, the study showed Latinas to be significantly health conscious, nearly three-quarters saying they regularly seek information on health and wellness while 44 percent said they take vitamins.

“Latinas are the future of the Hispanic population,” said Jacqueline Hernández, COO, Telemundo. “Our research shows that they are the key decision makers of their households and self-described ‘superwomen.’ Latinas believe they can do it all. For a network which aims to inform and empower audiences, it is vital that we understand the top priorities and concerns of Latinas and how these lifestyle choices influence their consumption habits.”

“Our constant quest to understand the evolution of Hispanic women allows us to trend spot, and we continue to be inspired by what we learn,” added Ruth Gaviria, vice president of Meredith Hispanic Ventures.

Source: Adweek.com

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