African Americans, Hispanics Lead Mobile Internet Growth

African Americans, Hispanics Lead Mobile Internet Growth

African Americans, Hispanics Lead Mobile Internet Growth

English-speaking Hispanics have made impressive gains in their use of mobile Internet, according to a study by the Pew Internet & American Life Project.

Between 2007 and 2009, the percentage of English-speaking Hispanics who reported going online via handheld device on a typical day climbed from 18% to 29%. African Americans registered an even bigger increase, from 12% to 29%. Both groups outpaced the growth in white users’ reported use of a handheld device to access the Internet on a typical day, which only grew from 9% to 17%.

The Hispanics surveyed reported the highest penetration of cell phone ownership, at 89%. On a typical day, 14% of English-speaking Hispanics reported playing music and 5% reported watching video on a cell phone or PDA. In terms of overall digital activities, English-speaking Hispanics who are online or are cell phone users outscored the other two groups.

The study was conducted in English, so the Hispanic population surveyed was skewed to a higher socioeconomic group, the study notes. When Spanish speakers were factored in to Pew’s Dec. 2008 study, the rate of broadband penetration in Hispanic homes was counted at 37%, while in the most recent study of English-speaking Hispanics, the rate was 68%.
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Profile of Hispanics Online

Profile of Hispanics Online

Profile of Hispanics Online

Hispanics are entering cyberspace more quickly than other ethnic groups – Internet use jumped 7.4 percent in 2004 after an 8 percent spurt in 2003.  The typical Hispanic-American Internet user is age 28, slightly more likely to be male and unmarried, according to a study by the Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies.  Half of all Hispanic-American Internet users are Spanish-language dominant, meaning that they speak Spanish at home more than English (Preparer’s Note: this could be attributed to their family-oriented lifestyle and may not necessarily affect the way younger Hispanics use the Internet).

This particular study found that the profile of Hispanics Online is:
• Hispanics spend almost 5-1/2 hours online weekly

• 71 percent of their usage is from a home computer

• 75% use the Internet for email

• 60% to get news

• 54% to listen to music

• 43% to chat

A March 2004 study by AOL/Roper ASW shows that 14 million Hispanics in the US are online. While this is already an impressive number, the growth rate is even more impressive. About 20% of online Hispanics had connected their households to the Internet less than six months earlier. More than half who were not yet online expected to connect within the next two years.  The more Latinos connect online, the less time they spend with other Spanish media, such as print or TV. Marketers will increasingly want to reflect this shift in media consumption in their advertising budgets.

Uncovered Facts About Online Hispanic Women and their Media Usage
Elianne Ramos is the principal and CEO of Speak Hispanic Communications and vice-chair of Communications and PR for LATISM.
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Social sites eclipse e-mail use

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First Hispanic Website for New Moms on Natural Family Care

New Site to Serve Community of Latina Mothers across the U.S. and First Hispanic Website for New Moms on Natural Family Care

Hyland’s, Inc., a leading provider of natural over-the-counter medicines, announced today that it has launched (Comienzos Saludables), a unique social networking, education-based website for Latina mothers. Comienzos Saludables continues Hyland’s strategy to improve the availability of, and accessibility to, important healthcare resources for this growing population. The new site offers Hispanic mothers a fully bilingual Spanish/English community to assist with information on pregnancy, infant care, raising a family, healthy lifestyle, and treating your family’s health issues with natural medicines.

Hispanic Website for New Moms: New Site to Serve Community of Latina Mothers across the U.S.

Hispanic Website for New Moms: New Site to Serve Community of Latina Mothers across the U.S.

Comienzo Saludables marks Hyland’s latest initiative to reach out to the Hispanic consumer. Already, the company has made packaging on 22 products Spanish/English bilingual, developed a baby development calendar in Spanish and sponsored a community health worker, Promotoras, program called Salud con Hyland’s. Now, with usage of social networking sites by Hispanics up 200% in 2006 (Forrester’s Hispanic Technographics Series Research), Hyland’s delivers this new resource for Latina mothers.

“Hyland’s has a longstanding commitment to providing accessible healthcare,” said J.P. Borneman, PhD, chairman and CEO of Hyland’s, Inc. “With 25% of U.S. moms of Hispanic origin, that access, in this case, comes in the form of a website full of culturally relevant, in-language educational material for Hispanic families. Our goal is to empower pre- and post-natal Hispanic mothers with information and a community of support as they strive to give their babies the very healthiest start in life.”

Studies show that a growing number of Hispanics are online and seeking information in their own language. Specifically, according to eMarketer, 23 million U.S. Hispanics were online in 2008 and that number is expected to surpass 29 million by 2012. Also, according to AOL/Roper Public Affairs Hispanic Cyberstudy 2005, Spanish language content is important to 75% of Hispanic web users.

Comienzos Saludables brings health information and social media, in a fully bilingual format, together to address this growing demographic. With 70% of Latina mothers under the age of 30, and with an increasing number of Hispanics shown to have a natural affinity for online social networking, Hyland’s expects tremendous response from Latina mothers to its new site. Free membership to Comienzos Saludables, or Healthy Beginnings, provides access to interactive community tools, including community forums, photo galleries, blogs, personal profile pages, over 400 articles on family health and lifestyle topics, and monthly newsletters. The site is divided into the following sections: Healthy Pregnancy; Your Baby; Parent’s Corner; Home Remedies and Homeopathy; Healthy and Natural Lifestyle; and Community.

Comienzos Saludables features the latest in web 2.0 technologies and provides a secure, friendly online environment for Latinas to stay in touch with their friends and family, as well as make new connections by sharing tips, advice and experiences of motherhood with others.

When it comes to a kid's television-viewing habits, the mom's language can matter.
New Site to Serve Community of Latina Mothers across the U.S.
Kids with Cancer
Hispanic Children In U.S. At Greater Risk For Obesity Than Other Ethnic/Racial Groups

Visit or to join the new online community.

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Sprint Lets Soccer Fans Enjoy the Game Now

CONCACAF Gold Cup(TM) series kicks off on July 3 with live streaming and exclusive tournament mobile content available only on the Sprint Now Network(TM)

Mexican Soccer Legend Luis Roberto Alves ‘Zague’ joins Sprint at select games nationally

OVERLAND PARK, Kan., June 22 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Sprint (NYSE: S) — As an official sponsor of the popular 2009 CONCACAF Gold Cup(TM) tournament, Sprint brings soccer fans closer to their favorite sport than ever before with exclusive mobile content, available only on the Sprint Now Network(TM). For the first time, fans can be a part of the action by experiencing full-length live streaming of the games directly on their Sprint TV-capable phones. Through their phones, subscribers will also have front row seats to follow CONCACAF Gold Cup(TM) from the opening game kickoff in Los Angeles to the finals in New York with real-time game updates about their teams playing in the tournament, related news and tournament statistics, among other fun features.

Sprint Lets Soccer Fans Enjoy the Game Now

Sprint Lets Soccer Fans Enjoy the Game Now

Additionally, Sprint has teamed up with one of the most popular Mexican soccer legends, Luis Roberto Alves “Zague”, to provide a one-of-a-kind pre-game experience at select matches in some U.S. cities.

“Soccer is a way of life, not only for me but for all fans. It’s so exciting to see how Sprint has created the perfect synergy between sports and technology,” Zague said. “As a former soccer player, I am thankful to join a partnership where soccer fans are able to stay connected to the game by receiving up-to-the-minute information.”

At the games, fans can visit Sprint Mobile Experience to try firsthand how easy it is to enjoy real-time matches on the go on a wide range of Sprint phones.

Exclusive Sprint CONCACAF Gold Cup(TM) content

Developed in partnership with Univision Movil, only Sprint subscribers will have exclusive access to CONCACAF Gold Cup(TM) on their phones. Subscribers can visit on their mobile phones to enjoy:

— Live streaming of full-length games available for the first time ever on mobile devices

    -- Video highlights of goals, top plays and commentary! (1)
    -- Text alerts for results, game reminders and the latest team news
    -- Breaking news, photo galleries and TV schedules
    -- Ringers, screensavers and fight songs

“With the CONCACAF Gold Cup(TM), Sprint continues its commitment in solidifying partnerships that ignite our Hispanic subscribers’ passions, like soccer,” explained Kymber Umana, Hispanic marketing manager for Sprint. “Our ability to give our customers exclusive tournament content directly on their Sprint mobile phone is a sure bet that they will never miss a part of the CONCACAF Gold Cup(TM) action this summer.”

Finally, Sprint’s sponsorship includes a national television spot during Spanish-language soccer broadcasts, as well as multiple US Hispanic-targeted online creative banners on soccer and social networking sites and a website, Sprint pays tribute to soccer fans with an exciting and humorous commercial titled, “‘Life or Futbol’, with Sprint you can have both,” that can be seen via a 30-second TV spot featuring the Sprint exclusive Samsung Instinct(R) s30(TM)(2). Existing customers will also receive informative newsletters and emails detailing exclusive content available on the most popular Sprint phones.

For more information about the CONCACAF Gold Cup(TM) tournament and to get a list of all the upcoming games, visit Visit to learn about Sprint exclusive content available to subscribers.
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Legal Marketing Site Targets US Hispanics in Spanish

English-Only Legal Marketing Sites Fail to Reach a Growing Segment of US Population in Spanish. Article marketing on legal topics in a target market’s own language, such as Spanish for Hispanics, provides an unrivaled opportunity to increase a legal firm’s online exposure and web traffic.

Miami, FL, June 28, 2009 –(– A new website seeks to tap directly into the US Hispanic market for legal services by offering an outlet to market legal services in Spanish. TusDerechosLegales.Com targets Hispanics by delivering general information online exclusively in Spanish through short articles on a legal topic.

US-Based Web Site Targets Legal Marketing at US Hispanics in Their Native Language

US-Based Web Site Targets Legal Marketing at US Hispanics in Their Native Language

Some legal topics, such as immigration and divorce, naturally provide an opportunity for lawyers to extend their marketing reach in Spanish. Short articles in their native language allow Hispanics in the US to find relevant information quickly and in an understandable format that online translators do not provide. This, in turn, leads to an easier process in locating attorneys who can provide the services needed.

Marketing legal services in Spanish is an example of niche marketing. Because the internet lends itself to this type of marketing, TusDerechosLegales.Com expects to gain significant traffic throughout the US within a reasonable time by catering only to legal marketing in the Spanish language. The site uses an article directory format with over twenty-five legal categories, including not only the two already mentioned but also real estate (including foreclosure), wills, probate, personal injury, etc.

As attorneys learn to make the most of their online presence, and learn to use marketing strategies that take advantage of their online presence, a marketing niche such as legal articles in Spanish provides a no-cost avenue to increase their web traffic. TusDerechosLegales.Com is actively seeking attorneys to write short articles on various topics with which attorneys can include their contact and website information. For attorneys who cannot write in Spanish, the site provides an additional service of translating their first five articles on a first-come, first-served basis for key categories, and will be expand its offerings to low-cost translation services of articles. Article submission is free to the attorneys as is, of course, access to the articles.

Additionally, TusDerechosLegales.Com also makes use of other online tools, such as RSS feeds for the articles. In addition, legal professionals who are using Twittr can take advantage of another marketing opportunity by announcing their latest article submissions in a “twitt.”