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Millennial consumer shopping insights and trends

We all love good research and especially when it is about millennials. After all, they account for 21 percent of consumer spend and marketers look for ways to make millennial consumer shopping insights actionable. Today, marketers can use these insights  to influence, reach, activate and accelerate a specific shopper along the path of purchase with added […]

Support of Comprehensive Immigration Reform: ASPIRA Applauds Verizon for Courageous Stand

The ASPIRA Association applauds Verizon and its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Lowell McAdam, for strongly supporting comprehensive immigration reform. In a letter dated March 4, 2013 addressed to all the members of the bipartisan group of U.S. Senators who are working on immigration reform legislation, McAdam indicated that the need for comprehensive immigration reform […]

Disparities in Health Care Prevalent Among Minorities

On July 2009 – almost two years ago – we published a report from the American Journal of Cardiology that showed that Hispanics have increased chances of lower quality bypass surgery. It seems that the disparities in health care between U.S. racial/ethnic groups have not been breached. Minority groups represent at least 28 percent of the […]