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Photography and the Droid Camera

If you are anything like me, then you carry a frustrated photographer inside you. We would like to take those incredible pictures that would leave our friends in awe but we never dared purchase the equipment needed – lenses and all – in order to achieve that level of photography or photographic art. Until […]

Who attends a Verizon Wireless Workshop?

If you ever wondered who attends the Verizon Wireless Workshops you would be surprised to find out who they are and how many they are. A few days ago, I attended my very first Verizon Wireless Workshop on Getting Started with Android. I signed up online at the Verizon Wireless Workshops site for the […]

Smartphone user experience: A Latina’s Perspective

Smartphone user experience: A Latina’s Perspective
As most of you know, a few weeks ago and thanks to a recommendation from my dear friend and colleague Julito Varela (@julito77) I was named Verizon Brand Ambassador. As a marketing strategist and technologist I was so excited to get to test cool gadgets I could hardly wait […]